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Vehicle Detection

Sure Action Probes

Choose from Three Probe Systems

Sure Action probes trigger security cameras, lights, gates, sounders and more!  By using Sure Action probes, security and home automation installers can create outdoor vehicle detection systems that enable home owners to have the level of outdoor security they desire.

Sure Action Probe Vehicle Detectors monitor the earth's magnetic field.  When a vehicle moves through the monitored space, it creates a disturbance in the field and generates a small voltage signal that is sent to a processor.  In turn, a relay triggers that drives the resulting action (turn on lights, sound a chime in the home, turn on a video camera, trigger a gate operating system, and more).  Our driveway systems are passive, momentary devices that operate as triggers.  They are not meant to be used as security devices.  They do not responde to stationary metal.  The vehicles must be moving to be detected.   If the movement stops, the probes response becomes passive (inert) again.     

Sure Action's probes (driveway sensors) can detect a vehicle moving as slow as 1/2-mile per hour and work for driveways as wide as 14-feet.