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​Sure Action’s WP6S Short-Range, Battery-Operated Probe System Makes Vehicle Detection More Affordable

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The WP6S Offers the Same High Quality Detection as Sure Action’s Most Popular Probe System, the WP5C, Except with a Shorter-Range and Lower Price

Hampton Bays, New York, March 17, 2016 – Sure Action Inc. releases a second battery-operated probe system, the WP6S. This short-range wireless system offers quick installation and a wide selection of chime melodies. Since many outdoor security and automation systems are installed close to a building, the WP6S’s 500-foot range is ideal, as is its affordable price.

“The WP6S battery-operated probe fills a niche that many of our installers encounter – a probe that provides the reliability and convenience of our WP5C battery-operated probe at a more affordable price. The WP6S does that and more. The system comes with a wireless chime that is the most versatile and easy-to-install I’ve seen in my 40-years of experience.” - Austin Stack, Vice President

The WP6S includes a processor, transmitter, and batteries housed in a NEMA 4 box. Sure Action technicians coat the components to protect them from moisture, and the NEMA 4 box provides protection from water, dust and sleet. The P500 probe comes with a 25-foot lead of 22/2 shielded burial cable. The wireless chime receiver produces 50+ sounds, has 4 volume levels, and plugs into a standard wall outlet.

The WP6S detects vehicles moving as slow as ½ mile per hour. The system can be used for remote locations or rugged terrain, where trenching is difficult or undesirable. Where two entrances need coverage, the WP6SDE short-range dual entrance system, fits the bill. This system can be increased up to eight driveways. Each driveway can have its own sound and up to eight sounding locations.

Sure Action Incorporated manufactures high-quality home automation and security sensors that are used to trigger security alarms, lights, annunciators and other devices. Our customer base extends to numerous industries, including but not limited to residential and commercial security, home automation, marine security, and homeland security.