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Introducing the HA2 and HA2BC Universal Processors


HA2 Universal Processor:  a two-channel processor that replaces the U111, U313, and P500 processors.  This processor operates all indoor and outdoor Pulsor applications as well as P500 probe installations.  Each processor can operate either one to two P500 probes, or up to eight Pulsors.  Probes and Pulsors cannot be mixed on the same processor.

New Benefits:  

  • Pulsors:  Now you have more zones for less money.  The HA2 Processor provides two zones per processor instead of one.  So, you can now install up to eight Pulsors per processor instead of four.
  • P500 Probes:  With the introduction of a second channel, the HA2 enables you to use the P500 probes for directional responses, similar to how Sure Action's P8000 probe works.  Now you have a simple solution for u-shaped driveways, a driveway wider than 14-feet, and properties with two separate driveways needing individualized signals.
  • Simplifies inventory.  You need just one processor for multiple products.

Coming Soon:  The ability to show the direction people are walking within a residence using Pulsors.

HA2BC Universal Processor:  a two-channel processor that replaces the 111, 313, and 212 processors.  This processor specifically works with the P8000 probes and serves as a replacement processor for the P5050 probes.  Like its counterpart, the HA2 processor, the HA2BC processor can also indicate directional responses.

For additional information, please contact the manufacturer, Sure Action, at (800) 648-4301 or (631) 728-3986.

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